Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Big Knit 2010: Are You Joining In?

  Walking around town today, my boyfriend and I passed the Age Concern shop. In the window was an advert for this year's Big Knit event. So, I sent off for the pattern so will get cracking as soon as it arrives!
  I remembered that a couple of years back, Sainsbury's had Innocent Smoothies in stock, but they were no ordinary smoothies. Oh no. They had hats. Bobble hats, stripy hats, fluffy hats, you name it. I still have a few stored in a box somewhere, too. Now this year, I get to chip in. If my efforts are any good enough that is. Some people have just suffered enough! I'm not the best knitter but I am trying... Promise!
  Also, is it cheating if you get help on a charity project like this? Nothing major, just someone to check my work and help me not make a mess of everything. Will have my Knitter's Bible (by Claire Crompton) in front of me of course and my huge bag of wools; fluffy, stripy and bright. I spent most of this afternoon practising knitting patterns from the book, just to check I can follow patterns! Wasn't to bad until I missed the last step and it unravelled in front of me. Couldn't believe it but now at least I can spot my mistakes and even correct them before it's too late!

Well, I'm off for some more practice time before tea!

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