Saturday, 26 February 2011

Next Project: Quilt no2

Hello Knitters.
 Last week I decided to start redo my quilt from the beginning. I decided to branch out pattern-wise and looked through Claire Crompton's Knitter's Bible and found some gorgeous patterns to try. First I tried the 'Two Stitch Check' and found it quite easy to master. It's a pretty pattern when it's finished:

If you can't really tell you should look it up here, where there are alternate patterns. It is a lovely pattern but I would recommend a lighter colour as the green I used is a bit too dark for this pattern (right).

 However, I did find that the green worked quite well for the Basketweave pattern (right). This pattern is a little harder but the effect is wonderful and textured. It would probably work in any colour but I'm not sure that a multicoloured yarn would look as good.
 The pattern needs a minimum of 21 stitches to show the pattern properly although I used about 40 which did make it a little more difficult but still enjoyable.

 Next I want to try the Double Basketweave (pattern also by Claire Crompton) but the pattern is quite long and complicated so I'm not too sure but the effect is beautiful. Once I restock on wool, I want to try the Pyramid pattern (again by Claire Crompton). It is fairly simple and looks very neat. It also requires little effort on my part! Yes, Knitters, I am a lazy knitter at times. Then again, who wouldn't want a simple pattern that looks good?

That's all for now Knitters, I'm off to watch Let's Dance For Comic Relief!

Keep knitting!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

New Project: Lavender Pouches

Hello again Knitters,
  this week I have been asked my my boyfriend's mum to make some pouches so she can put lavender in her drawers. I am toying with putting a patterns on at least one, just as an experiment. It would only be a simple cable pattern down the centre but it might be nice. I can't do the lace knit like in the book I have, but a simple cable might look nice.
  I am about to start the second one in green and thought that the pattern would look better in a block colour than it would in a multicoloured yarn. My first is in a blue/lilac multicoloured yarn so the cable would be lost in the mostly white yarn. Pictures will be added in an edit soon.

Keep knitting!

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Sweet Pouches: Update

   As I said last night, I have four pouches to do before Thursday (tomorrow) and 
Pouch One
aimed to do all four last night. As you can guess, this didn't happen. I finished my first one in a pretty multicoloured yarn, mostly white with blues and pinks blended in and began my second in a multi-toned brown with beige tones woven in. If you have time, check out I have a couple of other projects on there and will do a review in the next few posts as I think it's cool and just love the handy library feature!

   As I'm waiting for a package this morning, I have plenty of time to finish the other three and then some! I'll put more pictures up next time as hopefully I'll have finished them!!

Keep knitting!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Sweet Pouches

How time has flown. Nearly Christmas and what do you buy the people you love? In my case, a box or two of nice chocolates and about 6 balls of wool. I decided to knit smallish pouches that would hold home made sweets and could be re-purposed. These have turned out wonderfully and have been appreciated by all so far.
  I had made 7 in total, one for each person I'll see this Christmas, and thought that that would be that. But oh, no. Now we are having the neighbours round for a pre-Christmas shindig and now I need to make more! Luckily only four extra are required but I still had to pick up three new balls of wool! Can't let the neighbours have the same!
  I have finished one so far tonight and am working on the second.  I do hope to do all four tonight but with my fingers getting so cold so quickly, I might just finish this one and make a hot chocolate! One of the best things about these pouches is that they only take about 30 minutes each and are quite sturdy. I have one for my USB drives and one for our 3D glasses so they don't get scratched. They really are quite useful.  And I make them all. Wonder if I could sell them on the internet somewhere? Hm, now there's an idea...
 Ah well, back to the grindstone.

Keep knitting!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hello Knitters

It's been a tough few weeks but I can proudly add my hats to the total at the bottom of this page! Sorry I haven't Blogged in a while but I've been working on some reviews for fellow blogger IcarusAbides.

Also this week, I've been considering  making a jumper. As I'm not that good yet, I'll be making it to fit me with no pattern/embellishments/stripes/whatever but I'm having trouble deciding on a colour. I've seen a nice variation of blue/green that I really like but need about 17or 18 balls to do it. The cost is not so much of a problem as you can buy multi-packs or even cones of wool weighing about 500g in any colour you like for a reasonable price. No. what I'm finding a big problem is: Am I able? Can I, once I have the materials and needles, actually make a flawless jumper? Will it be as good as the picture looks? And what if I make a mistake? I'm awful at correcting mistakes, I usually just turn them into something else. Like this hat on the top. I found a hole which somehow got much larger. I tried to sew it up but it didn't work. So I made the hole more circular, sewed my way around the edge and created... drum roll please.... A Balaclava! (Bottom) It does look quite good, if I say so myself...! My skills have improved but it has to be said: I'm still nervous. I can follow a pattern but that isn't the point. Knitting, for me, is not just a hobby. I would like to be able to make items for family and friends, or even for a small profit. At the moment, I'm happy enough doing charity knitting as they don't turn anything away!

If anyone has any tips, or any patterns they think a novice like me could follow, the email address is the usual:

Keep knitting!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Re: The Big Knit 2010: Are You Joining In?

Just a quick note, the Hatometre at the bottom has updated!


The Big Knit 2010: Are You Joining In?

  Walking around town today, my boyfriend and I passed the Age Concern shop. In the window was an advert for this year's Big Knit event. So, I sent off for the pattern so will get cracking as soon as it arrives!
  I remembered that a couple of years back, Sainsbury's had Innocent Smoothies in stock, but they were no ordinary smoothies. Oh no. They had hats. Bobble hats, stripy hats, fluffy hats, you name it. I still have a few stored in a box somewhere, too. Now this year, I get to chip in. If my efforts are any good enough that is. Some people have just suffered enough! I'm not the best knitter but I am trying... Promise!
  Also, is it cheating if you get help on a charity project like this? Nothing major, just someone to check my work and help me not make a mess of everything. Will have my Knitter's Bible (by Claire Crompton) in front of me of course and my huge bag of wools; fluffy, stripy and bright. I spent most of this afternoon practising knitting patterns from the book, just to check I can follow patterns! Wasn't to bad until I missed the last step and it unravelled in front of me. Couldn't believe it but now at least I can spot my mistakes and even correct them before it's too late!

Well, I'm off for some more practice time before tea!