Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Sweet Pouches

How time has flown. Nearly Christmas and what do you buy the people you love? In my case, a box or two of nice chocolates and about 6 balls of wool. I decided to knit smallish pouches that would hold home made sweets and could be re-purposed. These have turned out wonderfully and have been appreciated by all so far.
  I had made 7 in total, one for each person I'll see this Christmas, and thought that that would be that. But oh, no. Now we are having the neighbours round for a pre-Christmas shindig and now I need to make more! Luckily only four extra are required but I still had to pick up three new balls of wool! Can't let the neighbours have the same!
  I have finished one so far tonight and am working on the second.  I do hope to do all four tonight but with my fingers getting so cold so quickly, I might just finish this one and make a hot chocolate! One of the best things about these pouches is that they only take about 30 minutes each and are quite sturdy. I have one for my USB drives and one for our 3D glasses so they don't get scratched. They really are quite useful.  And I make them all. Wonder if I could sell them on the internet somewhere? Hm, now there's an idea...
 Ah well, back to the grindstone.

Keep knitting!

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