Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hello Knitters

It's been a tough few weeks but I can proudly add my hats to the total at the bottom of this page! Sorry I haven't Blogged in a while but I've been working on some reviews for fellow blogger IcarusAbides.

Also this week, I've been considering  making a jumper. As I'm not that good yet, I'll be making it to fit me with no pattern/embellishments/stripes/whatever but I'm having trouble deciding on a colour. I've seen a nice variation of blue/green that I really like but need about 17or 18 balls to do it. The cost is not so much of a problem as you can buy multi-packs or even cones of wool weighing about 500g in any colour you like for a reasonable price. No. what I'm finding a big problem is: Am I able? Can I, once I have the materials and needles, actually make a flawless jumper? Will it be as good as the picture looks? And what if I make a mistake? I'm awful at correcting mistakes, I usually just turn them into something else. Like this hat on the top. I found a hole which somehow got much larger. I tried to sew it up but it didn't work. So I made the hole more circular, sewed my way around the edge and created... drum roll please.... A Balaclava! (Bottom) It does look quite good, if I say so myself...! My skills have improved but it has to be said: I'm still nervous. I can follow a pattern but that isn't the point. Knitting, for me, is not just a hobby. I would like to be able to make items for family and friends, or even for a small profit. At the moment, I'm happy enough doing charity knitting as they don't turn anything away!

If anyone has any tips, or any patterns they think a novice like me could follow, the email address is the usual:

Keep knitting!

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