Saturday, 26 February 2011

Next Project: Quilt no2

Hello Knitters.
 Last week I decided to start redo my quilt from the beginning. I decided to branch out pattern-wise and looked through Claire Crompton's Knitter's Bible and found some gorgeous patterns to try. First I tried the 'Two Stitch Check' and found it quite easy to master. It's a pretty pattern when it's finished:

If you can't really tell you should look it up here, where there are alternate patterns. It is a lovely pattern but I would recommend a lighter colour as the green I used is a bit too dark for this pattern (right).

 However, I did find that the green worked quite well for the Basketweave pattern (right). This pattern is a little harder but the effect is wonderful and textured. It would probably work in any colour but I'm not sure that a multicoloured yarn would look as good.
 The pattern needs a minimum of 21 stitches to show the pattern properly although I used about 40 which did make it a little more difficult but still enjoyable.

 Next I want to try the Double Basketweave (pattern also by Claire Crompton) but the pattern is quite long and complicated so I'm not too sure but the effect is beautiful. Once I restock on wool, I want to try the Pyramid pattern (again by Claire Crompton). It is fairly simple and looks very neat. It also requires little effort on my part! Yes, Knitters, I am a lazy knitter at times. Then again, who wouldn't want a simple pattern that looks good?

That's all for now Knitters, I'm off to watch Let's Dance For Comic Relief!

Keep knitting!

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